Monday, 11 November 2019

My ambition for 2020

I am a year 5 at Ohaeaewai primary school.
This year I have enjoyed going to the Golden Librarian Day in Kerikeri. I liked that because we got to do fun activities.
My favourite thing that has happened this year is playing netball and being a library monitor. I liked playing netball because I know lots about it and I like the position I play.  I like being a library monitor because I like helping the little kids and putting the books away. A couple of weeks ago, I was chosen to go to Kerikeri library for the Golden Librarian Day.
My least favourite thing this year is doing maths in our maths groups because there are no girls in it and maths in not my best subject.

Next year I am going to be a year 6 student.
My goal for 2020 is to be a young leader and make more friends.
To help our school rubbish  problem we could every afternoon pick up rubbish or put rubbish bins around our school for kids to put their rubbish in.
This is what I want to do to become a young leader. I am going to ask the teacher if they need any help and volunteer to help the junior children if they need it.

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