Friday, 13 March 2020

DNA Bracetet

Today we had Miss Fletcher in our class. Miss Fletcher is a expert in science. We are focusing on what makes us special and our DNA. A couple of weeks ago we had to write and explain what we look like, and people needed to figure out who we were. The aim of that was to put as much detail in your writing so people would recognise you when they read it. Today we made bracelets or a key-ring to put on your bags or your keys! Each bead meant something about our DNA.

We needed to fill in a sheet that said information like:

Can you curl your tongue:
Yes- Pink
No- Green

Pink and green mean you get that colour bead.
Then  Miss Fletcher made a sheet for what each bead meant. I loved making my key-ring.

Maths: Geometry Safari

This term for maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D geometry.  Kora and I were in a team. We went on a Geometry Safari around the school grounds to see how many 2D and 3D shapes we could find. Then we had to write what we had found into a table. We found out that there is geometry everywhere!

You can see ours below.

What shape did you find?
Is it 2D?
Is it 3D?
What is it part of or where was it? 

Library door



Karaka berry

Traffic cone

Rectangular Prisim



Science: Me and my DNA.


This term for science we are learning all about how the human body works and how special we all are. We are also trying to learn how to think and act more like a scientist. So, Miss Fletcher asked us to look at our faces in the mirror and write down notes about what we look like. The information had to be precise and clear so that when someone read it, it would help them find the person it described quickly. It was a bit like being a detective. You had to look and notice things carefully.

Miss Fletcher said that what we look like depends on our mother and father. Making a new human is a bit like making a cake.  You get some ingredients from your mum and some from your dad. The ingredients are called DNA. Everybody’s cake is different to everyone else’s. 

Miss Fletcher said the person with the most efficient description was Andrew J as he wrote: My hair is 1cm long all over. He is the only student in Team Moana with a haircut like that so he was able to be identified very easily. You can read my description below. The sentences highlighted in blue are the ones that Miss Fletcher said were not precise and clear enough.  Sixteen people said they could recognise me from my description.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Whitebait Fritters

In Team Moana for reading we have been working on Whitebait Fritters. Today, I did a college of Wiremu, a character from the book the teacher is reading us. What I liked about this task was finding the right fabric to suit the person I'm drawing. What I did not like about this task was getting glue all over my hands. I hope you like my college.

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Whitebait Fritters

Today, I did another task on Whitebait Fritters. The task was that I needed to convince a lolly lover that Whitebait is better than lollies. What I found hard in this task was: trying to convince the people that still said that they love lollies better. What I found easy in this task was: writing why Whitebait Fritters is better than lollies. I hope you  enjoy looking at my task.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

MRS GREN Whitebait Fritters

We are learning about Whitebait. I got in a group with Kayla and Heidi and we made a  movie about Whitebait. First, we had to make a chart showing MRS GREN. MRS GREN stands for: Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion, Nutrition. What I liked about about this task was: I liked searching up information. What I could work on next time is: I could work a bit faster. Here is the chat showing MRS GREN and my movie on Whitebait. I hope you like it.

Monday, 2 March 2020

Whitebait Fritters Activity- Animation


Today we decided that we will make an animation on Whitebait Fritters, (the book were reading in class) I got in a group with Kayla and Heidi. Our animation is about 3 kids go to school and they learn about what the zones of regulation means and what is whitebait. (Watch our animation to find out what it means) What I found easy in this task was making the pictures and writing what the people say. Here is our animation. I hope you like it.