Friday, 31 July 2020

Lahar- Mt Ruapehu

Kia Ora, 

Today we built Mt Ruapehu in the sandpit. We also made the Whangaehu River valley, the plain below the mountain and the railway bridge at Tangiwai. We wanted to learn how the lahar destroyed the bridge in 1953 causing the Tangiwai Disaster. Kora and Ariana poured lots of water into the crater we had made on top of our mountain. It whoosed down the side of the mountain and into the river valley. The bridge collapsed and bits of our train fell into the river. After that, we watched a short video about what to do  if you are on Mt Ruapehu when the lahar siren sounds.  Now I know how to keep safe from a lahar if one happens when I am on a mountain.  Here is my Hazard Notice with the most important information.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

North Island Piopio

Kia Ora,
In the last few weeks we have been doing a bird inquiry.  My groups bird was a North Island piopio. It is an extintct bird!

What I learnt in this task was what a North Island Piopio bird eats. It eats insects, spiders, worms, forest fruits, seeds, leaves, mosses and grass. What I liked in this task was: was finding information about the North Island Piopio.

We had to make a presentation showing everything we have found out about our bird. Here is my task I hope you like it.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Myth about the seven stars

Kia Ora,
Last week we were focusing on Matariki. So, for writing we wrote myths about why we have the sevon stars. The seven stars names are Tupu-ā-nukuTupu-ā-rangi, Waipunarangi, Waitī, Waitā, and Ururangi. I wrote a myth about seven sisters. They always fight, so they are up in the sky to sort out there arugments. Here is my wiring. I hope you like it!

The story of the 7 stars

Long, long ago in the ancient times there lived seven sisters. The seven sisters' names were:, Lyila, Ella, Meagan, Rebecca, Eve, Samatheia, and Emma. They never got along. They fought, and fought about the slightest things. They had different opinions about everything. Each sister thought that they were the best. Unfortunately people had to listen to them fight. Their fighting got so annoying at times.

One day, a god was so fed up listening to the sisters fight, the god decided to get revenge! She was planning night and day, to get an amazing revenge. Finally, the god finished her revenge plan. 

The god saw the sisters fighting again. She thought it would be a good time to put her plan into action. She wanted them to get along and not fight. So, the god lifted the seven sisters into the sky, to be stars. She did that because it would give them time to sort out their problems nicely. She would not let them go till the seven sisters got along better.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Book cover

Kia Ora,
We are reading a book called 'The Peco Incident in class. We are doing tasks related to that book. One of the tasks was to make your own book cover for the book. What I liked about this task was: making my book cover look fancy. The lerning behind this task was to find out who the author was. Here is my book cover. I hope you like it.

Alien Writng

Kia Ora,
Yesterday, we were doing alien writing. It had to be about an alien coming down to Earth and stealing you underpants. I liked using onomatepoeia, verbs, and adjectives. I also used stacatto sentences, they are a very effective way to start your writing.
We had to describe what our underpants looked liked. Here is my writing. I hope you like it!

The World map

Yesterday, we read an article about the Bird Flu. In the article it had all the places in the world where the Bird Flu was. The task was find a world map and mark all the countries that had the Bird Flu. What I found hard finding some of the countries on the world map, like Asia.  Here is a photo of my task. I hope you like it. 

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Book Reveiw

Kia Ora,
n class we have been reading a book call The Peco Incident. For one of the tasks I did a book reveiw about the Peco Incedent. 

The book is about: Nick comes over to visit his cousin, Daniel for the holidays. Nicks parents are on holiday somewhere else.  Daniel doesnt like Nick. Nick is annoying, he has ADHD which it when you can't control your movments. He has pills to control that, but he left them at home. Meanwhile, all the birds are dying.  Nick is curious in what is happening. He wants to find out more. People say that someone bought the decice over sea. They meet Brio and roost. Brio and roost aren't nice people. They live in scotand and they are visiting NZ. Nick thinks they are behind the killing of the birds. They get in all kinds of trouble solving the mystery.

Here is my book reveiw. I hope you like it.